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Call For Participation
In recognition of the growth of the interaction design discipline, CHI 2002 welcomes participation from professional interaction designers, design educators, researchers, and design students. This new forum accommodates the 'Show and tell' culture of the design community.

CHI 2002 offers authors a unique opportunity to showcase their work to the world's largest community of human computer interaction specialists from industry and academia. In addition to presenting their work during a scheduled session and demonstrating it in the exhibition area, selected authors may be invited to contribute material to ACM interactions and an electronic web-based supplement. Additional information can be found on the design FAQ .

There are two types of portfolios open to two different groups of designers.

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Professional Portfolios

Open to:
Professional designers, consultants, design studios, corporate design departments, and product development teams engaged in practice of interaction design or related disciplines such as information architecture, multimedia, animation, etc.

Desktop/handheld applications, web-based products, information appliances, interactive games, multimedia CD-ROM titles, interactive TV, interactive experience installations, kiosks, and other such interactive products.

Portfolios should contain only products designed for real world application and launched after 1 January 2000. A portfolio may consist of one to five products.

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Academic Portfolios

Open to:
Design students, educators, and researchers involved in design projects or courses with strong elements of interaction design, information architecture, multimedia, animation, or related areas.

Exploratory concepts for new interactive products involving emerging or yet to be invented technologies, innovative design solutions to existing products, or novel design techniques, tools, and methods. The portfolio must focus primarily on interaction design solutions and not on technology implementations.

Final year students or graduation projects completed after 1 January 2000 will be given preference.

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Selection criteria:
Portfolios will be reviewed by an international panel listed below for:

  • Clarity in specification of a relevant problem or issue
  • Originality and innovation of design solution
  • Appropriateness of design process
  • Incorporation of feedback from users
  • Actual or potential impact on quality of life/work and market success
  • Quality of presentation material

How to submit:
The deadline for submission is December 7th.

The steps are outlined below. (these steps are also outlined at the submission site

To Submit

  1. Complete the cover sheet (Example)
  2. Complete the summary sheet (Example)
  3. If you have a need for technology beyond what the conference supplies by default (see Technology Support), complete the technology request sheet ((put a local link here))
  4. Prepare your 4-page portfolio; convert it into a pdf file (see instructions at Producing & Testing PDF's)
  5. (optional) Complete the web links list (Example)
  6. Use StuffIt to consolidate all files into a single file. (For an evaluation copy of StuffIt see
  7. Name your file according to the following conventions <lastname>-<submission #>-v<version#>.sit (where ".sit" is the suffix for stuffIt files). For example:
    1. erickson-1v1.sit would be the name of the first version of my submission
    2. erickson-1v2.sit would be the name of the second version of my submission, if I needed to resubmit
    3. erickson-2v1.sit would be the name of the first version of my second submission (if I was submitting two different portfolios)
  8. Upload your consolidated file at the following site:

You will receive email confirmation that your upload was successful; this email will confirm the name of the submission.

Note: Once you have uploaded your file, you will not be able to remove it or view it. If you need to change something, you can upload a new version.

If you need to re-submit for any reason, follow steps 1-8 above, change the name of the consolidated file as instructed in step 7, and re-upload. DO NOT resubmit only the portion of your submission that had a problem; YOU MUST resubmit a COMPLETE package of materials.

Possible submission problems and solutions:

  • Unable to download forms (steps 1-3): Check with your system administrator and contact
  • Can't use StuffIt: Contact the Design Portfolios co-chairs at to arrange for a way to submit your Portfolio
  • Misapplied the naming convention: You don't need to do anything: the system tracks all submissions and resubmissions and will be able to keep your submissions organized
  • Have problems with the upload:
  • More general questions - see interaction design faq

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Upon Acceptance
Authors will be notified of acceptance by 21 January 2002. Upon acceptance you must complete and return a copyright release form in order to be published. This form will be sent with the acceptance letter.

If a submission is accepted, it will be scheduled for a 20 minute presentation during a conference session; a time for authors to present a demonstration in the demos area also will be arranged. The primary author of each accepted submission will receive an Author Kit with detailed instructions for preparing presentation material and the demonstration.

Authors may choose to post their submissions on the web prior to the conference.

Some submissions may be recommended for inclusion in a special issue of ACM interactions and a web supplement (if appropriate). These will have to be refined to follow the publication guidelines for interactions.


Raghu Kolli
Meru Research
The Netherlands


Raghu Kolli
+31 624524374


7 December 2001
(5:00 pm, your local time)


If you know a designer, studio, company, school, educator or a student who would be a good presenter, please suggest them. We will contact nominees to invite them to submit.

 selection panel

Janet Abrams
Design Institute, University of Minnesota

Sally Beardsley
Sally Beardsley Design

Elizabeth Boling
Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University

Dan Boyarski
School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University

Millicent Cooley
User Research and Usability, Prodigy

Shannon Ford
Independent Consultant

Bill Gaver
Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art

Matt Holloway
Zaplets, Inc.

Stephanie Houde
Pageflex, Inc.

Mat Hunter
IDEO Europe

Suguru Ishizaki
QUALCOMM Incorporated

Lauretta Jones
IBM Research

Rik Koster
Eden Design & Communication

John Maeda
MIT Media Laboratory

Paul Moody
IBM Research

Kevin Mullet

Harry Saddler
Design Element

Gitta Salomon

Keiichi Sato
Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology

Tiffany Shlain
The Webby Awards

Peter Simlinger
International Institute of Information Design

John Thackara
Doors of Perception

Laurie Vertelney
Vertelney User Experience

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