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scholarship application form
scholarship application form

Please note that an author is not eligible for a scholarship unless at least one submission by the author is accepted. The completed application must be received by the appropriate deadline. All completed forms will be treated as confidential. The CHI 2002 Scholarship Committee will review all applications and make the final decisions on awards after the decisions are made for the appropriate category submissions.

Note -- please print this form and fill it out -- this is not a web-based form.

Category Deadline for Scholarship Application
Tutorials 5 October 2001
Submission categories due on 14 September 2001 5 October 2001
Submission categories due on 7 December 2001 7 December 2001
Applicant Name
Contact Information
Mailing Address

Email Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
List the title, author list and category for all your submissions.

According to ACM policy, authors should first seek funding from other sources available to them. Do you have any other funding source? If so, please give specifics.

If you are aware of another source of funding available to you, have you applied for it? If so, please give specifics.

CHI 2002 scholarships will be awarded based on greatest financial need. Please describe on what basis you are a good candidate for a scholarship.

Please give a detailed budget for your needs.

The ACM and SIGCHI scholarship funds are not intended to cover conference fees. If you have difficulty paying for the conference registration fee, please indicate this.
     ___ I will be able to pay the Conference Registration from other sources

     ___ I need additional funding to pay the Conference Registration Fee

Completed forms should be received by the appropriate deadline. Send the application to Loren Terveen at the following address:

Loren Terveen
AT&T Labs - Research
Building 103, Room B225
180 Park Avenue
Florham Park, NJ 07932 USA
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