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Please note these are two day workshops.

2. Automatically Evaluating the Usability of Web Sites
Tom Brinck, Diamond Bullet Design, USA
Erik Hofer, University of Michigan, USA

Automated tools can help web designers and usability specialists evaluate and improve web sites. With automated tools they can improve usability, save evaluation time and cost, and achieve more consistent, higher-quality results. Examples of automated usability tools include code parsers and evaluators, image analysis tools, usage measurement tools (such as hit log analysis and instrumented browsers), semi-automated tools to aid the human evaluator, design evaluation and advice in web development tools, and automated online surveys. This two-day workshop will examine the variety of techniques for automating usability, establish key requirements for evaluation tools, and examine how these tools fit within an overall web design process.

Participants will be selected to provide a diversity of backgrounds and approaches reflected in their 2-4 page position papers. Your position paper should include a brief biographical sketch and a description of your related experience. If you have a tool or approach for automatic evaluation, we'd like to see a sample of the evaluation results (for comparison, those who are able should use their tool to evaluate In the position papers, we encourage people to consider addressing one or several of the following topics: (1) technologies for automated evaluation, (2) usability of evaluation tools and integration in the design process, (3) application domains and design standards, and (4) overall frameworks relating the various techniques.


Send position papers or questions to Tom Brinck:

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