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This section has been cancelled for CHI 2002

Call For Participation
The Extended Interactionary is a major advancement of the Interactionary format originated at CHI 2000. It provides several interdisciplinary teams of usability engineers and designers the opportunity to work on an interaction design problem in a competitive and fun format.

Submissions from teams interested in participating should include information about the participants, their experience in interaction design, as well as the techniques and approaches used in working with design problems. Preference will be given to teams that have worked together on design projects, can articulate their design method, and convince reviewers of a fun and open-minded attitude towards design education and practice.

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Teams will work on a given design problem during the conference. The problem will concern elements of the conference itself. Each team will propose a solution to the problem.

During both pre-conference and conference events, teams will conduct design and evaluation sessions according to their chosen method. Arrangements will be made to allow conference attendees to observe as many of these activities as possible. Conference attendees also will be asked to volunteer to act as subjects, as required by each team. Conference activities will culminate in a panel session where each team will present their design. Expert panelists will judge each of the designs and present their verdict. The audience will also be asked to vote on the designs.

Teams will be expected to participate in post-conference activities to create a permanent record of the event.

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Review Criteria
Our goal as reviewers is to find teams that are not only qualified in experience and knowledge, but who also possess an additional mixture of an open attitude and presentation skill. Submissions to this event will be reviewed by practitioners according to the following criteria:

  • Experience with interaction design problems
  • Collective experience of working as a team
  • Potential for excelling in this unique format
  • Open attitude to participating in unique formats and comfort with the risks of public performance

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Due to the highly creative nature of this session, submission requirements are less formal than for other elements of the conference. We will require information about your proposed method and your proposed team, including the experience of each team member and the team as a unit. You should indicate how your method could be adapted to the format of the Interactionary. You are encouraged to use your creativity to devise ways to convince reviewers that your team will excel in this unique format.

Team captains are encouraged to contact the Co-Chairs before making a final submission.

  • Your submission must be in English.
  • You must include team name, team captain, roster of individuals, and statements of individual and team philosophy about design methods.
  • Submissions arriving after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Your submission must contain no proprietary or confidential material and should cite no proprietary or confidential publications.
  • Responsibility for permissions to use video, audio, or other recordings of identifiable people or systems rests with you, not CHI 2002.
  • We strongly suggest that you send your electronic submission early and follow up to ensure that the Co-Chairs are able to read all of the additional material.
  • You will receive email notification upon receipt of your submission.

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Upon Acceptance
Team captains will be notified of acceptance or rejection by 21 January 2002.

Each team captain will be asked to provide a final roster and team description for use in the conference program. These materials are due by 15 February 2002.

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Please perform the activities in this checklist to ensure completeness of your submission.

  • Read the conference schedule and submitting to CHI.
  • Create a submission document in either Word, HTML, or PDF format that includes at least: a team name, the name of the team captain with full contact details, an outline of the methods the team intends to use, a roster of all team members, each of whom should give statements of their philosophy about design.
  • Additional supporting information may be submitted in formats of your own choice. Please check with the Co-Chairs to ensure that they are able to receive this material.
  • Submit via email to
  • Please ask for assistance from the Interactionary Co-Chairs if you are unsure of how to proceed.


Dave Roberts
IBM Ease of Use

Joseph Kramer
IBM Research



Dave Roberts
Tel +44 1926 464788
Fax +44 1926 410764


7 December 2001
(5:00 pm, your local time)

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