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This page provides general instructions concerning the conference publications format, the language of the conference, poster preparation, and video submission preparation. Specific submissions instructions are provided in the pages dedicated to the CHI 2002 participation categories.

Conference Publications Format
Most submissions require a portion to be submitted in the Conference Publications Format. Each participation category has its own requirements for submitting in this format.

A document describing the Publications Format (and formatted to those specifications) is available for download in Microsoft Word 6 format and Microsoft Word 2000 format. When creating your submission, you can replace the content with your own to help you follow the formatting rules. Styles are used to make it easy to adhere to the format.

For other formats, please visit the SIGCHI Format page.

Language of the Conference
The language of the conference is English. Because the CHI audience comes from all over the world, please ensure that your submission is written in clear and simple prose. Please avoid regional expressions that would be difficult for the global audience to understand. Promotional information will use American English spelling.

Poster Preparation Guidelines
If your submission category includes a poster, prepare the material to create a poster to bring to the conference. Each poster will have a display space approximately 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. Audiovisual and computing equipment will not be supplied. Power outlets will not be available. Posters will be displayed in an area where attendees meet during session breaks. You are responsible for putting your poster up and removing it by the deadlines given to you by your category Co-Chairs. Some posters are accompanied by specially scheduled poster sessions, where you are required to stand by your poster to be available for discussion. In the past, the inclusion of a packet of the author's business cards or a small mailbox, attached to the poster, has proved an efficient way to communicate with interested people when you are not there.

Video Submissions
There are two categories of video submissions for CHI 2002: video figures which may accompany a paper submission and video demonstrations. All videos will be distributed to conference attendees and are archived permanently by ACM.

Types of Video Submissions

  • Video Figures. A video figure up to two minutes in length may accompany a paper submission. It is intended to supply additional information in the same way that a color plate does.
  • Video Demonstrations. A video demonstration shows an interface concept, system, or technique in detail. It is a maximum of eight minutes in length. It is accompanied by a two-page extended abstract published in the CHI 2002 Extended Abstracts. Please see the demonstrations section of the participation categories for more information.

A guide to successful videos submissions is also available.

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